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A Salute to our own All-Stars

A traffic jam at Second Base.

The MLB All-Star game was two days ago. So, in honor of those great players, we salute baseball with our own great players. And our own great workout. Great work on Bootcamp Baseball today, people!

From Amber…
You’ve heard and probably get that I am passionate about eating good, healthy food. One of the big reasons why, HEART DISEASE! It runs rampant in my family and affects my Main Squeeze. That’s right, at 30 years old Carter was put on high blood pressure medication. It took us a couple of years to come around – but we now live a lifestyle without consuming most processed carbs. Why not all? Well, Carter has to have a beer every now and again; and well, I likes the red wine occasionally. But, since eating and living the Paleo lifestyle, we have both dropped significant “lbs”. The best news…  he has been able to stop taking high blood pressure medication. At 34 yrs old and after only 6 months of Paleo, his blood pressure is great! So if that’s not motivation… I don’t know what is!

Everyone says they want to eat healthy, lose weight and be fit. But what length are you willing to go to do this? You get up every morning and come to bootcamp – that is the first step in the right direction! Now, let’s talk a little more in depth about what you’re eating. Your food choices can and will undo what you are working to accomplish in bootcamp. My main focus is the QUALITY of food and drink you are putting in your mouth. Read this great article that talks about the quality and healthiness of food.

When we talk “diet” go ahead and stop thinking – limiting intake of food. By diet we are talking about eating habits. How and what you eat … this is all about a lifestyle change. You can be on a hard core diet and lose weight. But unless you are truly changing bad eating habits, that weight will come back. I am a great example. I have been where you are! Before deciding I needed to get into a workout program, I decided I would try Nutrisystem. And boy did I lose weight. Fast … and boy was I STARVING. All the time. I couldn’t run two blocks and couldn’t do a push up. It wasn’t until I realized through my first couple of months in bootcamp that eating healthy was what I needed. That said, you don’t have to be perfect. I remember someone saying something so important to me when I was starting out. “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.” You’re going to slip and have a bad day. And if you slip, pick yourself back up and make a better choice the next go-round. Again, please don’t think about the nutrition portion of this program as a “diet”. You’re not on a diet but incorporating healthy eating into your daily routine. Just as you are incorporating bootcamp as an active part of your life. It’s all about that lifestyle change.

Thursday’s Workout: Bootcamp Baseball


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