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The 100 day Push-up Challenge is coming soon. Very soon. Starting on April 1st… and no, this is not some lame attempt at an April fool’s joke. It is time to get stronger and “pump you up”. Beach season is almost here people!! And it is time to affect positive change in the lives of those who need it. More specifically, our Wounded Warriors.

The What: 100 days of Push-ups in honor and dedication of our heroes who came home injured. Essentially, you have 1 Push-up to complete on Day 1. 2 Push-ups to complete on Day 2. 3 Push-ups to complete on Day 3. And so forth. Just like last year’s Burpee Challenge. All the way up to Day 100 when you will complete 100 Push-ups. That ends up being 5,050 total Push-ups completed by July 9th.

The Why: To get stronger in our upper bodies. To finally get Push-ups off the list of our goats by making them easier to do and to raise money for our injured service men and women.

The How: You must donate $25 as your “buy in” to participate. A portion of this will be going toward a challenge tee shirt and the remaining $$ will be going to our Wounded Warriors. Please give your money to a trainer, who will take care of it for you. After you’ve paid, put your name on the whiteboard inside the gym entrance (if you don’t put your name on the board, we won’t know to email you to get your t-shirt size… so…). If you drop out, you will have to mark through your name on the board. This challenge is based entirely upon the Honor System.

Chest to Deck at Bottom. Full Extension at Top.

The Rules: You can complete the Push-ups for each day between midnight and 11:59 p.m. Break them into sets however you’d like. Push-ups in a WOD at the gym WILL COUNT toward your total for that day. As will Push-ups in the warm-ups. However, they may not be paid forward or backward. You may miss ONE DAY as often as you’d like, but you MUST make up those Push-ups as well as the current day’s Push-ups  the very next day. You cannot miss two consecutive days. In other words, if you miss Day 67, you’ll have Day 67 AND 68 to make up ON DAY 68 (or, 135 Push-ups total).  If you miss two consecutive days you are out of the challenge. Push-ups must be chest to deck at the bottom and full extension with arms locked out at the top. You may do Push-ups from your knees if you do not have full range of motion Push-ups (again, Honor System).

Questions? Ask below in the comments section. More info coming soon.


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