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Alright. I’m issuing a challenge. But I’m going to leave that challenge open-ended. I’m going to let you adapt the challenge as you see fit. How it applies to you, specifically.

The challenge: Step up your game.

What does that mean? Again, that’s the part that’s up to you. Push yourself harder when running, or just in general with each workout. Find a specific goal to push yourself toward like signing up for a 5k and completing under a certain time. Or, being able to do 60 push ups without breaking. Not coming as often as you should? Come more often. Simple as that. Give yourself a goal of making it all 5 days this week. Then next week. And the next. You only get better when you push yourself. And you can only do that when you show up.

Yes, it’s hot. Go to bed early. Eat well. Hydrate. Come to the park ready to work. Shake out the cobwebs and let’s do this!

Think about this a bit today and tomorrow. On Wednesday, we’re all going to post in the comments section of Wednesday’s blog what we’re going to do to step up our game. Then, in Week 4, we’re going to look back on those comments and see what we’ve actually done to improve ourselves.

Dig it? July is the month to kick it up a notch. I hope you’re ready.

See you Tuesday.

7/2… SPEED: Prowler 2-2-2-2-2. WoD: 5 Pull Ups + 10 Push Ups + 15 KB Swings + 20 Box Jumps.

Push Ups: 93 (gettin’ close…).

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