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0307The games start here.

March’s Challenge is based on attendance and head-to-head competition. It operates like the NCAA “March Madness” pools you’ll all be filling out and watching ever-so-thoroughly, in the coming weeks. One person advances in each match up. Each match up is awarded points based on attendance and/or head-to-head battle. The field of 14 will be whittled down to one lone winner by the Week of March 31. Brackets are based on seniority (length of bootcamp participation/membership). The winner will get to choose one of the previous Challenge workouts for the trainers to do battle on (Cathy, Boone & Carter).

1. Starting each Monday “games” will be played at the end of a MWF class; one week = one round.
2. Each round of the bracket will be a 1min AMRAP of the listed movement (Week 1: HR Push Ups, Week 2: Squats, Week 3: Sit Ups, Week 4: Burpees).
3. Using the bracket if both participants are in attendance, their game is played that day. Winner advances.
4. If only 1 person is in attendance (Monday) they get a “point” and then the game is to be played Wednesday. If only 1 person is again in attendance (Wednesday) they get a point. Same goes for Friday. Points only matter if both participants fail to show up on the same day during the week.
5. The participant who either a) wins the head-to-head matchup, or b) has (at least) 2 points on Friday, wins and advances to the next round.

Ex: Carter vs Cathy – if Carter shows up on Mon but not Cathy, Carter gets 1 attendance point. If Wednesday Cathy shows up but not Carter, Cathy gets 1 attendance point. If on Friday both show up the “game” is played. If only one Cathy shows up Friday, then she gets the attendance point for that day and wins by default.

March Madness Challenge begins Monday. Bracket is below.


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