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Paleo Resources

Okay. Here, we’ve compiled a list of resources for the Fall 2012 UCF Bootcamp Paleo Challenge. It will remain here for later use. It will always be a work in progress. This is a list intended for Challenge scenarios. Some of this can be altered slightly once the initial phase of “cleaning it up” is finished (usually 30-60 days). This list compiled by Amber and Carter, with some creative borrowing:

INTRO:Paleo 101, via Paleo Magazine

Robb Wolf: The Paleo Solution
Paleo Comfort Foods, some friends of ours from the ATL

modpaleo, Hey, we know her!
Nom Nom Paleo
Fast Paleo

The Foodee

Jen’s Gone Paleo
The Clothes Make The Girl
Everyday Paleo


Atherton Mills Farmer’s Market
Underwood Farms – Pastured Pork and Grass-fed Beef
Proffitt Farms – Grass-fed Organic Beef
Red Dirt Ranch – Pastured Chicken and eggs
Coldwater Creek – Organic local veggies and pastured eggs – some grassfed dairy
North 40 farms – Organic local veggies and pastured eggs
Put a fork in it – organic local veggies and pastured eggs
Monks groovy beans – Coffee – local roaster and a % if their profits support local charities
Ohh-lio express – Fancy olive/grapeseed oil and balsamic vinegars
Healthy Home Market
CSAs in Charlotte

How about a “Quick Start Guide”? Or a Shopping List? What about a Meal Plan? Heck, there’s even a forum for Challenges and Newbies to Paleo. And that’s just from looking through Robb Wolf’s blog. Turns out, this internet is a fantastic tool. Use it. There’s more than a plethora of information on these topics. Do the homework. Yes, it may take more time than stopping through the drive-thru, but you’ll thank yourself for it.

Nature Factor
Primal Pacs
Kaia Foods


Healthy Home Market

They have some grassfed meats, but they are not local – they also have free range chicken and some locally raised eggs. They carry Applegate Farms deli meat – for protein in a pinch. But check your labels for added sugar. You can find grapeseed oil and nut butters here as well. And, their bulk herb selection is great! I find it to be a bit expensive for everyday shopping. Olives and canned meats would be good from here as well, just check the label. They also carry premade Kale chips from Kaia Foods that make a great snack in a pinch

Trader Joes
Grapeseed oil, nuts and nut butters, sea salt/pepper and some other spices. Avocado, limes/lemons and the occasional kiwis. They also carry Applegate Farms deli meats – I think the roasted turkey & roast beef are clean and don’t have cane sugar added.

They have a great selection of many items that would be Paleo/Whole30 friendly – be sure to read labels and if you have questions, ask!

Whole Foods
They carry lots of goodies, including local grassfed beef from Proffitt Family Farms of Kings Mountain.

Harris Teeter
La Croix and sometimes avocados. Some of the larger ones may carry some organic foods/meats.

Vitacoco – coconut water and they have some big containers of almond butter. They also carry Lindsay’s natural olives – olives, water and sea salt!

To take this a step further, let’s go ahead and list items that are “yays” and items that are “nays”. Just so we’re clear. Cool?


Any type of leafy green – lettuce, swiss chard, kale, spinach, mustard greens, turnip greens, radish greens, brussel sprouts, cabbage, seaweed
Squash – Zucchini, yellow, spaghetti, acorn
Peppers – red, green, yellow, orange, serrano, pablano, jalapeno, cayenne, bonnet (you get the point)

Lean Meats
Grassfed beef of any kind; pastured pork like tenderloin, chops and ground; pastured chicken and their eggs; wild caught fish – salmon, grouper, mahi mahi, trout, tune, flounder, shrimp

Go to the farmer’s market and pick up fruit that is in season.
Unsweetened applesauce (in a pinch)
Larabars or some other type of dried fruit/nut combo – but only in an absolute, “I need food now” emergency. (Watch ingredient list, not ALL are Paleo-friendly)

Good fat
Olives – black, green – pimento, garlic, jalapeno stuffed
Nuts – almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachio, pine nuts
Seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy
Good Oils – olive oil (for finishing – careful with cooking because it has a low flashpoint), grapeseed oil, almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil
Almond flour

Goodness in Moderation and recovery foods
Sweet potato and yams
Green beans
Snow peas
Nut butters – almond and sunflower (read the label – make sure there isn’t added sugar)
Processed meats – deli meat, prepackaged fish, sausage, jerky… REMEMBER: we are looking for short, healthy ingredient lists here. Should read as meat packed with water or an approved oil and not have sugar or excessive nitrates or nitrites (this is just salt, and if you find a good quality meat they will have naturally occurring nitrate/nitrate)

Water, coconut water, coffee & tea in moderation, La Croix
Vinegar – except malt vinegar, it usually contains gluten

No Grains – this means… pasta, bread, corn, rice and product based with flour, wheat, barley, and quinoa. No grains. Period. Hopefully cupcakes go without saying. Even if it’s gluten free – NO GRAINS!

No Sugar – natural, raw, white, stevia, honey, agave, sweet n’ low, equal, truvia. No added sugar. None. And no soda, not even diet soda.

Alcohol – the Paleo world can offer you some imbibement in the form of red wine, ciders (again, keep the ingredient list small… Harpoon makes one that’s 100% fermented apples)

No dairy – no creamer in your coffee, no yogurt – not even greek yogurt.

No legumes – this includes black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans – green beans and snow peas are more pod than legume. So they’re cool in moderation. NO PEANUTS and no peanut oil – peanuts are not a nut.

No-No Cooking Oils/fats – be choosy with your oils. Oils not approved to name a few: Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, lard, butter, Peanut Oil and Safflower oil.

No white, red, purple, orange, blue taters. No potatoes.


Charlotte restaurants:

Midwood Smokehouse in Plaza Midwood – they are AWESOME! Their pulled pork and BBQ chicken is not cooked in the sauce and does not have any sugar! So you can order the bbq plate with smoked veggies sans sauce and hush puppies – you’ve got yourself a meal!

Harvest Moon Grille in Uptown – their menu changes weekly and sometimes daily (as it’s local and seasonal), so ask your server what is gluten free or which dish they can make to accommodate your wish list of no sugar, no grains and no dairy! Last time we were there they made us a special dessert of mixed berries in a martini glass!

Soul Gastrolounge in Plaza Midwood – we usually get the Rocket antipasto salad or Midwood Mixed Greens sans dressing and cheese – ask for balsamic or red wine vinegar and olive oil on the side with the guacamole stack. From there I usually go chimmichuri beef skewers, himachi with jalapeno, mixed marinated olives are yummy, any of the skewers are great – but watch out for the sauces and/or drizzle – but the meat is good to go. Shrimp ceviche and the sashimi sushi is good. Either bring your own tamari sauce or use one of the vinegars from your salad if you must dip your fish. I found that both the balsamic and red wine vinegar are not a bad sub for soy sauce. Bone marrow – sans toast could also be a good choice.

The Liberty – their menu changes constantly as well – so you will have to ask your server to help ya out on this one. Watch out for sauces here – they most definitely have added sugar. So probably best to stick with the fish special, salmon or trout. We had an AMAZING tomato, watermelon and prosciutto salad when we were there with balsamic. YUM! They also have a great assortment of actual vegetables as sides – and sometimes they are local!

King’s Kitchen – here you get to eat good food and help out the community! Check out their lunch and dinner menus. They have a meat and three which I love! I go for the porkchop or grilled chicken with broccoli, cabbage and stewed squash!

Blynk Organic – you can create your own salad here.

Energy Café – another great build-your-own salad place.

Luna’s Living kitchen – best smoothies ever. They hand-make all their milks. The almond milk is sweetened with dates – so incredibly yummy! Some of the milks are sweetened with agave – so ask! Don’t forget to get your protein (even if it’s after).

Zada Janes – they have several salads that can be altered to fit Paleo/Whole30 approval for lunch – breakfast and brunch are fantastic! Their dinner is really yummy too! Check it out.

Whiskey Warehouse offers some local meats… Cantina 1511 has a gluten-free menu (as does Big Daddy’s and a lot of restaurants these days), but “gluten-free” does NOT mean Paleo-approved. Watch the rest of the items/ingredients in what you order (cheese, etc.).

Have other resources that work for you? Email me to add ’em to this list. We all benefit from sharing.