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The Endurance program at Ultimate Crossfit is designed to complement a wide variety of athletes and their training goals. Whether you are a marathon runner, triathlete, crossfitter, or want to be more fit overall, the Endurance program can benefit you.

By focusing on short intense intervals of running, rowing, and/or plyometric/body weight exercises, our Endurance program aims to improve speed and agility, improve technique, reduce injury chances and altogether improve the overall endurance of an athlete. Crossfit Endurance was initially designed as training program for endurance athletes that found better results incorporating this unique training philosophy. As the program has grown, traditional crossfitters have found a place for endurance training in their regular programming with remarkable benefits. The program is best used as a supplement to a regular Crossfit training program, as nothing can take the place of the benefits that CrossFit training can provide.

We encourage everyone to give it a shot, but not just one class. You’ll see The best results if you can give it a go for 6 weeks. The coaches will help you measure progress and celebrate it with you as you improve. We’ll help you with your pacing, which will carry over in your regular CF WODs or races. Come experience the improvement your lungs and legs will feel after putting in a little time and effort at the track. We are here to help motivate you and make you a better athlete.

What does an Endurance session typically consist of?
• 800 meter – 1 mile warm-up run
• Line drills to loosen up your smaller musces groups
• Form enhancement drills to work on your efficiency as a runner
• The WODs – examples could be  4 x 400 meters, 1 mile time trial, running with burpees or broad jumps, hill repeats

What do I need to bring?
Water/sports drink, running shoes, sunscreen, hat, and yes, a very positive attitude!

When and where are the classes held?
Tuesdays at 530pm at Ultimate CrossFit

Come train under Coach Aaron Hewitt

Because it takes time and dedication to make yourself better, but mostly because it is fun!  If you are doing the same thing over and over, and not seeing improvement, something needs to change.


Inclement Weather Policy:  Because of the inherent nature of our classes (always outside and generally on a track), we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  While we love to train in the rain, there will be times when classes must be cancelled due to weather.